Uncle Ulrick’s All Natural & All American Chicken Treats

Simple, Delecious Chicken Treats

It really doesn’t get much simpler than this. These dog treats only contain 2 ingredients: All White Meat American Chicken Breasts and Food Grade American Vegetable Glycerin.  While you all know what the first ingredient is, some of you may be wondering what the vegetable glycerin is.

Vegetable Glycerin, or glycerol, is substance derived from vegetable oil. It is used in a variety of products to include: foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.  It is classified by the FDA as a carbohydrate because it provides calories and is not a fat or protein. In foods it is generally used as a sweetener and helps preserve foods. In the case of these treats, because no other ingredients are used, the primary purpose is to help preserve the treats so they can survive the journey to your home and maintain a shelf life.

If you are concerned about the source of the chicken and where the treats are manufactured, they are both within the United States. Because these chicken treats are so simple, you don’t have to worry about any extraneous fillers or other artificial ingredients that may be questionable. The ingredients aren’t labeled as non-GMO or organic. These Uncle Ulrick’s Chicken Treats are manufactured in Ohio from fresh chicken breasts, not from frozen meat.