New Puppy Guide

What’s in this New Puppy Guide?

This new puppy guide isn’t designed to go over all the ins and outs of raising your new puppy, but instead is a list of items that I recommend for your new puppy. The most common items you will buy for a puppy is toys, toys, and toys. You will want a diverse toy collection to try and keep their attention occupied instead of chewing on your sofa, DVD cases, cables, and everything else that will cause frustration. Not only will chewing on these items make you frustrated, they can be very unsafe for your new puppy who doesn’t know any better.

Along with toys, other common items besides food are creates, play pens, cleaners, collars, food and water bowls and more.

Well, let’s get started.

Kong Classic

I’ve reviewed the Kong Classic earlier so I won’t go into much depth about this product. This should be the first thing on your list to buy when it comes to toys. Check out my review of the Kong Classic.

PetMate Ruffmaxx Pet Crate

The Ruff Maxx dog crate from PetMate is made in the USA from 95% pre-consumer plastics. This dog crate is built well and will last for many years. You shouldn’t have any problems with it lasting for the entire life of your dog. It also has tie down areas that will let you secure the crate when traveling.

Basis Pet Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

One of the most important items to be concerned about for your puppy is the container they will be eating from. These Basis Pet Stainless Steel dog bowls are free from lead, mercury and other contaminants. They are made of 304 stainless steel which are easy to clean, won’t rust, and will last a lifetime. While they will be more expensive that your standard dog bowl, you will be pleased with their durability and the peace of mind knowing your puppy will be safe from eating and drinking out of these every day. Because of these qualities, it made the list of our new puppy guide.

IRIS USA Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Pet Pen

Play pens are great for new puppies because you can use them to help contain your puppy when you can’t devote your full attention to watching them. Times like when you are cooking dinner, you can still give them room to play without worrying about what they are getting in to. I also prefer using a play pen when camping because you can put your puppy in the playpen with some toys instead of trying to keep them tethered. Most of the puppies I’ve had never like being tethered, but seem to do just fine when placed in the playpen.

Mendota Collars and Leashes

Mendota makes a great line of collars and leashes that are durable and made in the USA. Mendota is based out of Shoreview Minnesota and get consistently good reviews. When looking for a collar or leash that will last, this new puppy guide recommends Mendota products.

Majestic Pet Bed

Your new puppy will love the Majestic Pet Bed. This machine washable and dryable bed will be the perfect spot for your puppy to crash at the end of a long day.

New Puppy Guide Conclusion

I recommend all of the items above for your new puppy. They are both durable and safe as well as made in the United States. While other new puppy guides will help you with potty training and other aspects of raising your new puppy, I hope our new puppy guide will help save you some time when selecting the quality products you want when raising your puppy.

Morgan Miller