Kong Classic – Simple and Durable

Kong Classic Design

The Kong Classic is a simple design, which resembles a snowman. The entire toy in made of Kong rubber which is an all-natural, dense and durable rubber. The inside of the toy in hollow with a small hole at the top of the toy and a larger hole at the bottom. Inside the hollow cavity, you can place treats that your dog will try to get out of the toy. Depending on the treat that you put in there, this can result in hours of entertainment.


Some pet owners will place peanut butter inside the Kong Classic and freeze it which can provide entertainment for their dog all day. This is especially convenient when you have to leave your dog alone while you go to work. If your dog tends to get separation anxiety and is a bit destructive, I would definitely try this and see if it helps focus your dog’s energy. Milk bone style treats can be placed inside the toy as well by squeezing the toy and then inserting the bone. This is convenient when you need a quick distraction, but also requires less effort when cleaning.

While many dogs will spend hours trying to get the treat out, some may lose interest quickly. You may have to experiment with different treats to find one that really works for your dog. You might also find, that the treats your dog really enjoys don’t really work that well with the Kong Classic. Smaller treats will come out easily, so you may have to engineer a special method to make them work, or try and find something else.

Kong Classic Sizing

The Kong Classic comes in six different sizes. X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large. Here is a sizing chart for many breeds.

Kong Classic Size Chart

Kong Classic Bounce

Due to the uneven shape of the Kong Classic, the bounce isn’t predictable. This adds a new element to playing catch with your dog. As it bounces, it has a tendency to bounce at different angle which increases the curiosity and interest from my dog.

Cleaning the Kong Classic

Cleaning the Kong Classic is fairly straight forward. You can clean it by hand with soap and water. The inner cavity is the hardest part to clean but you can use a toothbrush to scrub the inside. Some people like to throw these in the dishwasher, but high heat dishwashers can begin to break down the rubber quicker. So we recommend washing by hand.

So to break everything down here is a quick list of pros and cons for the Kong Classic.


  • Durable
  • Can be used with treats for hours of entertainment
  • Easy to Clean
  • Available in many sizes
  • Fairly inexpensive


  • Rubber can degrade faster in some dishwashers
  • Some dogs will lose interest


The Kong Classic is a simple toy that is a great part of any dog owner’s toy arsenal. Even if you don’t use it with any treats, it make a great toy for fetch or just something for your dog to chew on. The Classic can be purchased for reasonable prices and will last for many years.

Morgan Miller