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Enter to win a Free Kong Classic

Enter to win a Free Medium Kong Classic

To launch my blog, I am offering one Kong Classic to the winning contestant of this drawing who will be selected at random. All I ask is that you share this contest with your friends. Entries will be accepted until December 31st, so enter before time runs out. Share now and enter to secure your chance to win a Free Medium Kong Classic.

Learn about the Kong Classic

Read our review of the Kong Classic to learn a little bit about this toy that has been around since the 70’s and still a popular and strong selling safe dog toy.

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New Puppy Guide

New Puppy Guide

Along with a new puppy comes a bunch of toys and supplies

It’s always exciting bringing your new puppy home for the first time. I’m sure you have done your homework about what to expect, have planned out your potty training strategy, and have your veterinarian all lined up. But with the introduction of any puppy comes a large shopping list of things to get.

Safe Dog Toys

Safe Dog Toys

When buying toys for your dog, make sure you know what they are made of to stay safe.

While toys are generally considered luxury items for people, toys are a basic necessity for any dog. Especially when raising a puppy, safe dog toys are needed to provide an outlet for your puppy to chew on. Without safe dog toys to chew on, your young puppy will chew on anything that is near them, which is not only dangerous to their health but will also cause you a good amount of grief.

Kong Classic – Simple and Durable

Kong Classic
If you have ever been shopping for dog toys, it is probably safe to say that you have seen the Kong Classic. This can easily be considered the “standard” in dog toys. It’s durable, safe, and available in many sizes to fit any dog. The Kong Classic was first introduced in 1976 and should be part of any dog owner’s toy arsenal.