Uncle Ulrick’s All Natural & All American Chicken Treats

Simple, Delecious Chicken Treats

It really doesn’t get much simpler than this. These dog treats only contain 2 ingredients: All White Meat American Chicken Breasts and Food Grade American Vegetable Glycerin.  While you all know what the first ingredient is, some of you may be wondering what the vegetable glycerin is.

Vegetable Glycerin, or glycerol, is substance derived from vegetable oil. It is used in a variety of products to include: foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.  It is classified by the FDA as a carbohydrate because it provides calories and is not a fat or protein. In foods it is generally used as a sweetener and helps preserve foods. In the case of these treats, because no other ingredients are used, the primary purpose is to help preserve the treats so they can survive the journey to your home and maintain a shelf life.

If you are concerned about the source of the chicken and where the treats are manufactured, they are both within the United States. Because these chicken treats are so simple, you don’t have to worry about any extraneous fillers or other artificial ingredients that may be questionable. The ingredients aren’t labeled as non-GMO or organic. These Uncle Ulrick’s Chicken Treats are manufactured in Ohio from fresh chicken breasts, not from frozen meat.

Non-GMO Dog and Cat Food

GMO? No Thanks

If you are concerned about Genetically Modified Food, this applies to your pets as well.

As with any pet food, it can be difficult to know the quality of the ingredients that comprise the final product. With the advances in GMO products that are being used extensively in human food, this has become another area of concern with pet food. Regardless of where you stand on the use and consumption of GMO products, I thought I would share what I have found on what is available for those who would prefer to feed their dog or cat a food which is composed of GMO free ingredients.

Jerky Treats for Love can be Deadly in excess

watch that jerky treat

While meant for Love, they can be deadly.

Jerky Treats

I recently had a friend that told me about his dog that got sick eating jerky treats. As it turned out, these jerky treats were made in China. Their vet told them that their dog didn’t necessarily get sick from just eating one jerky treat, but it was the amount of jerky treats they fed him that caused him to get sick. Now, it’s not like he went on a jerky treat bender like some of use might do with a can of Red Vines watching American Idol, but regular feeding of the treats did build up enough to cause sickness. So regardless of where or what treats you feed your dog, make sure you keep an eye on him for any change in mood or behavior. Catching the illness early is what can save your dog’s life.

Symptoms to look for

Know what healthy looks like

You should know how your dog looks and acts on a day to day basis.

Physical Symptoms

Some signs of an illness will be present in the way your dog looks. some of these signs can be:

  • Change in weight
  • Red or swollen eyes
  • Constant scratching
  • Bald spot, lumps, open sores


Even though your dog can look fine physically, their behavior(or change in it) can tell you that something is wrong. Some things to watch out for is:

  • Vomiting, couching, sneezing
  • Lethargy
  • Will not eat or drink
  • Excessive sleeping, shaking, unequal balance

If you notice any of these symptoms that just seem to appear suddenly, you need to take your dog to the vet immediately. Without a proper diagnosis, your dog’s unusual behavior can turn deadly quick. Especially with small dogs because of their smaller body mass, an infection can grow and spread at a quick rate. If your dog does develop these symptoms, try and recall when it changed. Knowing that you just recently fed your dog a jerky treat can help your vet narrow down what could be causing the sickness.

Best Dry Cat Food

Best Dry Cat Food

Finding the best dry cat food can be difficult with all the choices available today.

As I talked about with my list of the best dog foods, I wanted to create a list of some great American made best dry cat food. Even though a lesser amount of cat food is sold every year in the U.S., the amount of choices that are available can still be overwhelming.

Best Dog Food Made In America

Best Dog Food

With all the dog food out there, choosing the best one can be difficult.

What’s the best dog food? Well that can mean different things to different people. To me it is knowing that the ingredients that the food is made from safe ingredients that originate from the United States and have also been manufactured in a safe facility. A good dog food is one that I can feel safe feeding my dog every day of her life without worrying about the origin or nutrition of the food.
When you it comes to finding the best dog food that you can trust and also feel safe feeding to your little guy, the options available on the market today can quickly become overwhelming.  After just a quick trip to the pet store or the supermarket, you can see that the amount of options available are large and highly competitive. Each brand proclaims to be the best, and that they are the only dog food you’ll need. While there is a large diversity of dog food on the market, you will most likely realize that it can be difficult to know which dog foods are not only manufactured in the United States, but also contain ingredients solely sourced from the United States.